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Seal Rx, Deck Sealer FAQ's

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General Application Questions:

Q: Can I buy Seal Rx products and apply them myself?

A: Unfortunately, Seal Rx products are only available through your local Authorized Seal Rx Dealer and must be applied by your local dealer for warranty coverage. Seal Rx products require specific training and application considerations which are not practiced by most DIY consumers.

Q: I have to seal my deck every 2 years, how can Seal Rx claim to be permanent?

A: All other products work the same way. They coat the outside of the wood to keep water out. These products fail due to continuous exposure to water, UV radiation (sunlight), foot traffic, and general wear and tear. As they fail, the surface they're protecting is exposed to increasing levels of the same factors. While they provide a temporary solution, they typically fail within 24 months and the surface they're protecting becomes damaged as these products fail.

Seal Rx does not coat the surface! Seal Rx actually penetrates the surface, bonds internally, and provides a permanent internal seal.

Q: What is a dynamic, living seal?

A: Every other sealant functions by drying once applied. Any area that may have been missed in the application process is exposed, and the resulting damage may not be discovered until the damage is substantial. Additionally, after these products dry, repeated exposure to water will ultimately flush them out.

Seal Rx is specifically formulated to be re-activated each time water is introduced. Instead of being flushed out by water, it actually, re-seals, re-bonds, then dries until it is re-activated again. Seal Rx cannot be eliminated by water, even pressure washing re-activates the sealing process.

Q: Will Seal Rx prevent mold, mildew, and algae growth?

A: Seal Rx will inhibit growth by mold, mildew, and algae. Seal Rx cannot eliminate the conditions that contribute to this growth, normally shade and moisture. Due the phenomenal sealing characteristics of Seal Rx, mold, mildew, and algae do not grow very well on surfaces sealed with Seal Rx.

Typically, surfaces sealed with Seal Rx demonstrate significantly reduced growth of mold, mildew, and algae, and any growth is much easier to remove through periodic cleaning. While mold, mildew, and algae do not grow well on surfaces sealed with Seal Rx, any debris or dust that may accumulate on these surfaces will result in growth. As a result, we recommend rinsing these surfaces with a garden hose every 3 - 6 months.

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Wood Applications:

Q: What is the process used to apply Seal Rx?

A: The process is detailed in the "Process" portion of this web site. The process includes the following steps:
  1. Protecting all plants and shrubs.
  2. Protecting areas that may be sensitive to the cleaning process.
  3. Thoroughly clean the deck using environmentally friendly solutions.
  4. Thoroughly flush the deck to provide a clean, wet surface for application of Seal Rx.
  5. Two applications of Seal Rx are applied to insure adequate penetration, and encapsulation of arsenic from CCA treated lumber.
  6. Clean up the work site, removing all application related material.
  7. After a satisfactory drying period, sand the deck to leave all surfaces smooth. Re-set any nails or screws.
  8. Insure customer satisfaction before leaving the job site.

Q: My deck is brand new, does it still need to be cleaned?

A: Yes! Although the wood may be new, there are typically waxes and oils on the surface that must be removed to insure adequate penetration of Seal Rx.

Q: I've just finished cleaning my deck. Does it still need to be cleaned before applying Seal Rx?

A: Yes. The manufacturer requires that every recommended process be followed on every application to provide a satisfactory application on every job.

Q: What will the wood look like after Seal Rx is applied?

A: After Seal Rx is applied, the wood will be left with a clean, natural appearance. Seal Rx does not discolor wood, but leaves the natural color.

Q: How long does Seal Rx last?

A: Seal Rx becomes a permanent part of the wood! As long as the wood is there, Seal Rx is there.

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Q: Will my deck turn gray again?

A: Yes. Seal Rx is inside the wood, the outer edges will continue to naturally oxidize (turn gray). Seal Rx protects the integrity of the wood from being compromised by water-related damage. Oxidation of the wood does not damage the wood, but may present an appearance that cosmetically unacceptable.

Q: How do I keep the wood from turning gray?

A: There are a number of wood brighteners that are available at most Home Improvement Centers. They are fairly easy to apply, and will return the wood to its original coloration for 6 - 9 months.

Staining your wood after Seal Rx is applied will provide a longer solution, but will darken the color of the wood depending on the stain you choose.

Q: Can I stain or paint over Seal Rx?

A: Absolutely! Seal Rx provides a fantastic surface for staining or painting, the stain or paint will last up to 300% longer since water can no longer lift the stain or paint out of the wood.

Q: My deck has been painted, can you clean it off before applying Seal Rx?

A: Removing paint, or solid color stain, from decks is very difficult. In most cases, we recommend scheduling an inspection with your local Authorized Seal Rx Dealer to determine the best solution.

Q: What does Seal Rx do for my deck?

A: Seal Rx protects the integrity of the wood, and reduces maintenance requirements by protecting against water-related damage. Decks have very high maintenance requirements, and water is the number one culprit! Seal Rx eliminates water damage which causes splitting, cracking, warping, checking, lifting of grain, raised nails, mildew, mold, and algae.

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Concrete Applications:

Q: What does Seal Rx do to seal my concrete driveway and sidewalk?

A: Seal Rx Concrete Sealant is a substrate-activated, penetrating sealant. Seal Rx Concrete Sealant penetrates concrete up to 14" vertically, is activated by the chemical composition of the concrete to bond directly to the concrete. Seal Rx increases the density of concrete to virtually eliminate absorption. Additionally, Seal Rx increases the strength of concrete by over 20% and reduces random fracturing.

Q: What color is Seal Rx Concrete Sealant?

A: Seal Rx Concrete Sealant is colorless, and will not discolor concrete.

Q: Does Seal Rx make my concrete slippery?

A: Seal Rx does not change the surface of the concrete. If the finish is highly glazed, it will still be highly glazed after Seal Rx is applied.

Q: Can I paint or stain my driveway after I apply Seal Rx?

A: Absolutely! Seal Rx provides a fantastic surface for stain or paint. After Seal Rx is applied, the sealed surface provides a smooth, consistent application that will last up to 300% longer than paint or stain on other surfaces.

Q: How do I clean my driveway after Seal Rx is applied?

A: You can use a garden hose, or a pressure washer to clean the driveway. Since Seal Rx is permanently bonded in the concrete, it can't be washed out.

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Seal Rx Masonry Sealant:

Q: How does Seal Rx Masonry Sealant work?

A: Seal Rx Masonry Sealant is specifically formulated to bond directly to stone, brick, and pavers to provide a permanent layer of protection against water and water-related damage.

Q: Will Seal Rx Masonry Sealant prevent mold, mildew, and algae growth?

A: Seal Rx prevents growth of mold, mildew, and algae on sealed surfaces. However, these growths will occur on any residue that accumulates on sealed surfaces. We strongly encourage periodic cleaning to eliminate any residue which will promote this growth.

Q: How do I clean Seal Rx Masonry Sealant?

A: Cleaning is a simple as rinsing every few weeks with your garden hose, to lightly pressure washing annually. As with all exterior surfaces, regular cleaning is recommended and longer intervals between cleaning result in more aggressive cleaning requirements.

In most cases, simply rinsing the surface with a garden hose every 2 - 4 weeks is sufficient.

Q: Does Seal Rx change the look of my stone or brick?

A: No, Seal Rx provides a colorless protective coating that is guaranteed for 25 years.

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