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Have you realized that you need to seal your deck? Have you realized that conventional sealers need to be re-applied every 2 years? Maybe you’ve started to wonder what all the fuss is about? Why do you need to seal your deck?

The answer is WATER! The #1 culprit for damage to decks is water-related damage, including:

  • Rot
  • Warping
  • Splitting
  • Cracking
  • Mold, Mildew, Algae and More

Conventional deck sealants attempt to protect against water by creating a film on the surface of the wood to keep water out. In other words, they try to create a waterproof wooden deck, or a deck water sealer! To understand why they don’t work very well, you need to take a close look at your deck and realize how difficult it is to create a complete film over the entire structure. Notice all of the tight cracks, all of the areas where boards meet, and every penetration by a nail or screw…how do you create a continuous film that encloses all of those areas? Unfortunately, you can’t. As a result, when water falls on your deck the only part that is protected by conventional sealants are those areas that can be easily coated. But all of those tight areas and penetration points become a “leaky spot”. As a result, when water damage or water-related damage occurs…that’s where it happens!

The second challenge faced by conventional sealants is nothing more than good old sunlight. All of that sunlight on your deck results in constant exposure to UV radiation. which is very harmful to the deck sealant. As a result, conventional deck sealants begin to fail the day they are applied. These sealants are manufactured with a number of ingredients to increase their resilience to UV radiation, but the end result is that they completely fail within 2 years. It almost makes you wonder if "built-in" failure is part of their plan for selling more sealant!

In recent years a number of products have been introduced that create a thick coating around the entire wooden structure. These products are usually epoxy based, and will provide a durable surface for years to come. While epoxies provide very durable coatings, they do not perform well as permeable water sealers. The wood on your deck needs to breath, and needs to be able to dry. An epoxy coating provides a thick film that keeps water out, but it also locks water in. As a result, these coatings are noted for increasing problems with rot when applied to wooden decks. Even more importantly, they are virtually impossible to remove.

The only proven solution for protecting wood decks against water-related damage is a penetrating sealant that becomes a permanent part of the wood, effectively sealing the wood from the inside. Only Seal Rx penetrates wood to fill voids and capillaries, increasing wood’s density and reducing wood’s absorbency. As a result, wood treated with Seal Rx is permanently protected against water! For more information, give us a call at (913) 390-0600.

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