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About Us

Eliminating exterior maintenance requirements for your home! This simple sentence has become the dream of homeowners everywhere! "How can we spend more time enjoying our home, and less time (and money) maintaining it?"

The search for a maintenance-free home has driven many homeowners to invest in products with wildly unrealistic claims, only to be disappointed in the results. At Seal Rx, we don't believe it's possible to have a MAINTENANCE FREE home...but we're confident that we're making giant strides in reducing your home's maintenance requirements every day!

Seal Rx focuses our efforts at some of the highest maintenance areas of your home, or commercial property, such as:

  • Wood Decks, Gazebos, Play Sets, and Other Wooden Structures
  • Concrete Driveways, Sidewalks, and Patios
  • Brick, Stone, and Masonry Walks, as well as Driveways, Retaining Walls, and More

The #1 culprit for all of these structures is water-related damage, including:

  • Rot, Warping, Cracking, Splitting, Nail Pops, and Shrinkage
  • Chalking, Pitting, Staining, Scaling, and Seepage
  • Mortar Failure, Mold, Mildew, and Algae

The Traditional Solution

The solution appears simple, eliminate water damage by sealing out water! Traditional methods of sealing out water provide an exterior coating that acts as an "umbrella" to come between the surface and the water. Unfortunately, these "umbrellas" are extremely susceptible to environmental factors, such as UV radiation (sunlight), temperature changes, repeated water exposure, and general traffic. As a result, these traditional sealants fail within 24 months on average.

Instead of providing protection against water damage, and water-related damage, these traditional solutions only provide a brief reprieve from maintenance and the false impression of a protected surface. As the surface sealant begins to break down, the protection it provides begins to break down, allowing the surface to be damaged while the property owner thinks everything is protected.

The Seal Rx Solution

At Seal Rx, we believe there is a better solution...not a temporary "umbrella" on the outside, but a permanent sealant that protects from the inside!

Seal Rx Wood Sealant and Concrete Sealant utilize a proven, substrate-activated technology that has been performing since the early 1900's! Seal Rx has taken this proven technology into the 21st Century with the use of "state of technology" polymers to provide the benefit of proven performance, and the strength of today's high strength/high performance products.

The result is Seal Rx's unique, dynamic seal that
re-activates every time water touches it!
Only Seal Rx uses the #1 culprit for damage to your wood deck, driveway, sidewalk...and more, to provide permanent protection. Only Seal Rx uses water to protect against water!

How does it work? The concept is fairly simple, substrate activated sealants have been in use since the 1930's. Primarily used in very large commercial projects, these products were rarely used in smaller, residential applications due to expense and the requirement for special application equipment and training.

Substrate-activated sealants penetrate deeply into the substrate, and are activated by the chemical composition of the substrate. They bond directly to the substrate, and harden to increase the density...reducing absorbency.

The advantage of this technology was the permanent, internal sealing process. The disadvantage was the requirement for a very stable substrate with minimal movement, and the requirement for known absorption properties.

By introducing new polymer technology, Seal Rx has overcome these limitations with the only sealant that re-seals every time it becomes wet with water! As other sealants fail with repeated flushing, Seal Rx actually increases its sealing strength!

Today's micro-particle technology provides a superior seal due to increase molecular density. A dynamic seal that reduces absorbency, virtually eliminating water and water-related damages...permanently.

Seal Rx is a division of U.S. Duralast. We provide a family of products developed to reduce homeowners' maintenance requirements and only provides the highest quality products, backed up with the industry's best warranties. For more information, call (913) 390-0600.

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Wood Decks Driveways & Sidewalks Brick Pavers
Wood Decks Driveways & Sidewalks Brick Pavers